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Prof. Pedro Gomez-Romero (b. Almansa, Spain) (B.S., M.S. Universidad de Valencia, Spain) (Ph.D. in Chemistry, Georgetown University, USA, 1987, with Distinction). Presently working as Full Research Professor at the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Centre, CIN2 (CSIC-ICN), Spain, (2007-) and as Vicedirector of the Technological Center MATGAS (2010-). As NEO-Energy (CIN2) Group Leader, he directs research in the fields of hybrid (organic-inorganic) nanocomposite materials, solar energy, materials for PEM fuel cells, rechargeable lithium batteries and electrochemical supercapacitors.
Author of 10
2 scientific publications in refereed international journals and of many popular science articles. Scientific editor of the book "Functional Hybrid Materials" P. Gómez-Romero, C. Sanchez (Eds.) (Wiley-VCH 2004). Winner of the XIII Popular Science Award "Casa de las Ciencias de Divulgación" for the book "Metaevolución. La Tierra en el espejo." (Ed. Celeste, 2001). International Prize "Esteban de Terreros" (FECYT, 2006) for the book "Un planeta en busca de energía" (Ed. Síntesis, 2007). Editor of the web site www.cienciateca.com. Member of the, Euroscience, the Electrochemical Society ,
The International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) and the Materials Research Society,  as well as of the Asociación española de Periodismo Científico  Coordinator of the Catalan Fuel Cell Network (Generalitat de Catalunya) (2003-2005). Head of the Department of Crystallography and Solid State Chemistry at ICMAB (2004-2006). 

POPULAR SCIENCE WEB PAGE  http://www.cienciateca.com

POPULAR SCIENCE BOOK: "Metaevolución. La Tierra en el Espejo"  http://www.cienciateca.com/ctsmetaevol.html

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