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I want to express my deepest gratitude to the people who made possible all the projects and work presented here. Very specially I want to thank the students who trusted me as their mentor for directing their Ph.D. Thesis. Quiero expresar mi sincero agradecimiento a las personas que hicieron posible los proyectos y trabajos de investigación que se presentan aquí, y muy especialmente a los estudiantes que confiaron en mí para dirigir sus tesis doctorales.

Basic research dealing with the discovery (or should we call it invention?) and study of novel materials. Applied research for the development of improved materials and design of energy storage and conversion devices, with an eye on practical applications. And last but not least, a decided effort to convey the usefulness of our work to society, to contribute to public understanding of chemistry and materials science and  to popularize science in general.

What materials?. We like many.
Inorganics and ceramics: Electroactive oxides. Complex layered perovskites like Ln2Ba2Cu2Ti2O11. Unprecedented Silver-Copper oxides (Ag2Cu2O3). 
Hybrid organic-inorganic materials: generally based on Conducting organic polymers (polyaniline, polypyrrole) and either molecular (Fe[(CN)6]3-) nanometric clusters ([PMo12O40]3- or extended (V2O5, MnO2) inorganic species. 
Organics: Conducting polymers. Proton conducting polymers related to polybenzimidazoles and their hybrid derivatives. 
Nanoclusters: Polyoxometalates with photoelectrochemical activity such as [PMo12O40]3-  or [SiW12O40]4- .
Nanostructures: Ag@PPy nanosnakes, Cu2O@PPy,  or Cu@PPy nanocables

What devices?. 
Polymer fuel cells (PEM, Proton-exchange membrane) of the type that will power our cars in the future. 
Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) working at reduced temperatures for high-power applications. Rechargeable lithium batteries (preferably thin and plastic). 
Supercapacitors based on ultimately dispersed oxide clusters 
and maybe others which might eventually come out of the drawer of future projects.

Finally, contributing to public understanding of science represents an additional effort  which I consider an important part of my activities as a scientist. Personally I find it most rewarding and recommend it to everyone in the trade. 
Visit my POPULAR SCIENCE WEB PAGE http://www.cienciateca.com
POPULAR SCIENCE BOOK: "Metaevolución. La Tierra en el Espejo"  http://www.cienciateca.com/ctsmetaevol.html

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