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News that will make History
Some of today's news will become historical landmarks in the future.
This is true also for science news. This section brings you some of these
history-making  SCIENCE headlines

There will be only a few news featured in this section. But they won't be isolated news. The idea is to follow up de development of ground-breaking scientific research and technological developments that will most likely be a part of the bright history of science in the future. And probably not too far into the future. 

Growing your very own cell garden

Wouldn't it be great to grow new liver tissue in case your old one was too heavily damaged ?. 
It certainly would but, sorry, millions of years of biological evolution have not been enough to develop that ability. On the other hand, a few thousand years of cultural and technological evolution added on top could be enough to master that trick. 

The International Space Station

Not a bad project to begin working together on a global scale.
The International Space Station (ISS)  is one of those headlines which will be around for a good while.  And will certainly make history. 


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